Troupe 8117


Troupe 8117 was founded in 2015 with just seven students.  In the years since the troupe has expanded to 40 current members and over one hundred alumni. It is our aim to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society as we pledged to do - by sharing our love of theatre. We are devoted to serving our small community - by producing high-quality theatre and by providing opportunities for elementary-age students to learn to love theatre as well. Thespian Troupe 8117 has been acknowledged by the International Thespian Society as a leader in Arts Advocacy and was named a California Honor Troupe in 2018. 

Project Part

The development of Project PART service project is our troupe’s passion. In conjunction with the local elementary school, students as young as the second grade participate in an after school production of a Broadway Jr show. Only 4% of elementary schools nationwide have Theatre Arts programs. We saw this need to have students involved as young as possible and have done what we could to fill it. Project PART places our high school Thespians as role models for young students and we take this role seriously. Our young members of Project PART know what the International Thespian Society is and want to continue into high school so that they can be members like the high school kids they look up to in Project PART.

We continue our service work all summer as well, putting on a free two-week theatre and art camp for the
children of our community. This summer will be our 6th camp and we average 90 students per summer.
Many members of our troupe serve as camp counselors, spending over 80 hours each of their summer
working with children who would otherwise be sitting at home watching TV. We were able to work with the
school to provide them with free lunch during camp as well and at the end, we produce a 2-hour show during
which we present facts about the influence of theatre education because the audience is a majority of new to
theatre parents.